“Politics of Plague” Course Materials

Thanks to Dr. Laurel Eckhouse for putting together a list of poli sci scholars who have offered to guest lecture if/when needed! I’ve noted that I’ve developed and taught a course called the “Politics of Plague” that might be of use to others.

You can find the course syllabus here.

I’m most proud of the intro activity to the course that I developed for the first day of class to get students engaged in the ideas. The main learning objective of the activity is to get students familiar with the vocabulary and concepts that they’ll learn about in the course. The activity is also designed to get them to engage with the topic in a way that is relevant to their life. It requires them to think about what they might already know about public health with a fun hook – how would they respond to reports that a zombie epidemic is happening!

Zombie Epidemic Activity Materials:


Feel free to borrow and adapt! Please just credit appropriately. =)